Friday, June 30, 2017

...the Case dealership...

Catching up on some Montana.

Gabe asked for a red combine for his birthday last year. I found a little Case on Amazon and it has been a favorite every since. It just so happens that my sister et al. live only a few miles from a Case dealership.

He was elated. A lot full of red combines.
We also browsed their junk lot. My dad was in his element, teaching. We looked at nearly every thing there. As we were walking out, Gabe stopped me and asked for a picture with a red combine. 


Friday, June 23, 2017 family: MT...

we made our annual trip to montana a few weeks ago. twelve days. twelve days of love, laughter, and memories. 

it will take me some time to get through allllllll of the photos.
i had been planning on taking family photos on my parents place for months.
it required taking an extra suitcase...hairdryer, dresses, shoes, allll sooo worth it. my mom saved a little pearl bracelet of mine and gianna wore it. the prairie. there is nothing like the prairie.

it looked like it might not happen as the weather was super windy, rainy, or stormy.
we literally went out between storms and captured some of the most beautiful moments.
they embody, to me, the sweetest parts of parenthood.
i am hardly in photos with my children and now i have these. they mean so much.

back home.
with my loves.

Saturday, June 3, 2017 three...

my days.
they are busy. hard. wonderful. tiring. full. loud.
i am impatient. i am preoccupied. i am not always kind.
i try so hard.
i love you all so very much. so very much.

Friday, June 2, 2017 frog...

the kids and i mowed the front and middle yard this morning and flushed a frog.
i mean toad.
i was quickly corrected.

it was just this little guy. they played with him for the better part of an hour. holding him. watching him. we had a few errands to run so we set him free (in the front yard) with promises to look for him when we returned. lucky him.
when we returned, we took a picnic lunch out to the hickory tree in the back yard. it wasn't but a few minutes before they had found him...nestled in the brick pavers around the hydrangea.

"it's him!!it's him!!!!!" they were ecstatic.

they patiently waited and he did in fact come hoping out right!
a big. fat. toad.

they couldn't believe that our one and only frog had returned to where they had captured him!!
i didn't have the heart to correct them. after a while, they realized that it was a different toad. 
he was quite friendly.

 mom, can we keep him? i think he would make a great pet.


Thursday, June 1, 2017


... are such a beauty. you love having your nails painted. purple. you have stopped sucking your thumb!! (thanks nail polish). you are such a graceful pretty runner. you love your purple running shoes. you cheer me on during every run (go, mommy!!).

 ...issac...8 are not a huge fan of purees. you loved ribs over memorial day. you have been sitting up during your naps/sleep which makes you quite enraged!! you stood up for the first time on Sunday. you now love to pull yourself up, but forget that you can't let go!

you have been running NONSTOP since you got your new running shoes. i tried for a year, but neither your sister or you wanted anything to do with them. now we are constantly running sprints in the driveway. you acquired your first pair of burned knees.