Thursday, June 1, 2017


... are such a beauty. you love having your nails painted. purple. you have stopped sucking your thumb!! (thanks nail polish). you are such a graceful pretty runner. you love your purple running shoes. you cheer me on during every run (go, mommy!!).

 ...issac...8 are not a huge fan of purees. you loved ribs over memorial day. you have been sitting up during your naps/sleep which makes you quite enraged!! you stood up for the first time on Sunday. you now love to pull yourself up, but forget that you can't let go!

you have been running NONSTOP since you got your new running shoes. i tried for a year, but neither your sister or you wanted anything to do with them. now we are constantly running sprints in the driveway. you acquired your first pair of burned knees.

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