Saturday, July 29, 2017


... are writing random letters on anything you can find. you copy letters and words of books. you have really become so helpful and mature this summer. you will constantly tell me, "mom, i will watch isaac and gianna if you will go X." i am proud of who you are and who you are becoming daily. it is humbling. are the light of most days. everything is done with such passion. you love picking things in the garden. one day, in about 2 minutes (while i was changing a diaper), you managed to fill a bucket with about 8 cups (an entire plant!!) of green cherry tomatoes. you were oh so proud. after we discussed why we didn't do that, you promptly went and offered them to the chickens, again so proud.

isaac...10 can wait to talk. you have moments when you stand and let go, and get disappointed with your fall. you love blankets. you love gianna's bunny. you love playing with toys. 

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