Friday, July 28, 2017


a brief hiatus.
it wasn't intentional. we got back from montana and i had a busy few weeks with photo sessions.
then, my camera needed to be sent in for maintenance.


 meet gretl.

we have been talking about getting another dog due to liesel's age for a few years. we toyed with the idea of getting a larger dog. we settled on standard schnauzers, which are particularly challenging to find. we were waitlisted for a few years and than at the last minute, the logistics weren't going to work out due to our trip to MT. i was pretty sad and as luck would have it, my mom found a breeder that had a spot left. she was from montana. puppies were ready to go the week we flew back to michigan. it worked seamlessly.

three kids, two carseats and a puppy...with luggage.
so the hiatus was in part to this little lady. she is a bundle of energy and takes up every spare second of my time right now.
she is oh so sweet, so smart, and oooohhh soooo stubborn.

we love her dearly. she loves the chickens, chases frisbees, playing in water and wet sand.
she is growing like crazy and is already bigger than Liesel at only 3 months.
we are knee deep in the puppy chewing stage, isaac and gianna aren't too keen on her at times.
however, there are glimmers of life a bit less crazy.
miss gretl, welcome to the family!
as a side note.....getting puppy pictures of a whirlwind are next to impossible. she is always a blur.

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