Friday, July 28, 2017

...Isaac: 9 months Update...

 Mr. Isaac. 9 months old.
I had these great intentions of a proper photo shoot with you little man. however, the days turned to weeks.....and it just isn't you. you are in your element in the sand and the mud. you love nothing more than to plop in the sandbox and play. you are never still nor alone. it is challenging to get a photo with just you. not only do your siblings adore you, you cherish time spent with them. you are constantly crawling over anything to be of it all.
mr. isaac.
this is you. you are such a treasure.

LIKES: eye contact, his siblings, the sand box, dancing, me.
Official stats: 19 lbs ounces; 30". he wears 9-12 months consistently, but they won't last much longer. 5 teeth.
SAYS: sweet little babbles. bababa dadada
SLEEP: naps at 9 and 130. his morning nap is somewhere between 1.5 - 2 hours based on when you wake up. your afternoon nap is typically 2 hours. you sleep from 7-7 and wake up once.
FOOD: loves avocado, graham crackers, real dinner. popsicles. sand.
NICKNAMES: the kids call you buddy. 

you continue to be one sweet little man. you love to be with your siblings. you play contently in the sandbox. you love to move!!! you love watching the chickens. you love animals. you aren't too keen on the puppy. your smile lights up a room. you love to be held and worn. you love to chew on anything you can get your hands on. that grin and those sparkling eyes will get you anywhere!

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