Thursday, August 3, 2017

...30|52...pond swimming...

our friends at the barn have told me that i could take the kids swimming in the pond whenever i wanted. i decided we would try it this week to beat the heat and humidity.

it is a gorgeous pond with really clean water and sand. i am not a big fan of swimming in muddy water, so i was a bit hesitant.

we went two days this week. the kids were super excited to wear life jackets. they were a bit apprehensive the first few minutes. by the second day they were waist deep in minutes! were quite apprehensive when we arrived. however, you quickly saw the other little boy and girl and decided you weren't going to be hesitant. by the end of the time (1.5 hours), you were letting me pull you around by your life jacket on your back and your stomach. you were super excited to see the little minnows.

gianna...2...i have always dubbed you my little fish. you will try to float in the bath tub. you instantly ran right in and were trying to bellyfloat in waist deep water. you love being in the water. you were so exhausted from swimming the first day. when i went up to bed last night, i found you sound asleep on the bathroom floor rug, pajamas around your ankles, clutching bunny.

isaac. you were quite content lapping the water with your sweet little hands or playing in the sand. your siblings provided an entertaining show!

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