Saturday, September 9, 2017

BFIAR: Blueberries for Sal

"Over on the other side of the hill, Little Sal ate all of the berries she could reach from where she was sitting, then she started out to find her mother."

We started off our school year and our first row with Blueberries from Sal.

The kids love this book. I have found them a few times curled up on the loveseat, reading it throughout the day.

We started off with this lapbook. We worked on numbers 1-10 by counting with blue legos. we worked on addition with legos (which he cruised through!). He worked on letters and numbers on his dry erase board. 
We made blue playdough and worked on laminated playdough sheets. We used these lapsheets. We painted a scene from the book. We made birdfeeders out of blueberries. Gianna is always ready to do exactly what he is doing. She might not finish the worksheets, or do it as well, but she is so excited to do them!

We walked around and picked leaves and then discussed the differences between conifers and deciduous trees. We have been inundated with praying mantises and did a little video study on them. They were busy!



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