Wednesday, September 6, 2017

...first day of school...

this week is the week of firsts.
we have started school!
i am homeschooling both kids this year.
we are only a few days it, but it has been going fantastic.
we have selected BFIAR (before five in a row) for our base and will be incorporating additional resources and activities throughout the week.

age: 4
favorite thing to do: color and build with legos
food: cinnamon rolls (it might be a birthday week)
animal: dogs
favorite thing to learn about: helicopters
when i grow up i want to: fix F15s
favorite book: the grinch
age: 5 (2)
favorite food: make cupcakes (our afternoon project or it would have been mac and cheese)
favorite animal: bunny
favorite thing to learn about: Mac N Cheese
when i grow up i want to: i don't know
favorite book: i don't know

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