Thursday, September 7, 2017 little dancer...

i found out a dance studio down the road offers ballet classes and i enrolled gianna. this particular class is taught by our babysitter.

we checked out a few books from the library on ballet and gianna wasn't too sure she wanted to don the leotard. i tried to keep her excited and we went upstairs to get ready.

she instantly turned into a little dancer. she was twirling in her leotard. she was excited to put on her slippers. we did her hair. she asked for pictures.
we arrived to the studio and miss elizabeth invited the other little girls (who were 5-7 year olds) into the class room. we were to wait in a waiting area that had a TV showing the class. gianna was a bit shy as soon as the class started, but that quickly disappeared when miss elizabeth walked over to her and they went right to work!

she was such a determined perfectionist. i was impressed with her attention to detail at her young age. gabe looked up at the screen and said, "oh mom, gianna is doing such a wonderful job. i am so proud of her!"

when she finished, she came sprinting out of the classroom and exclaimed, "MOM! I listened well!"

At dinner that night, I asked her about her day and mentioned that she twirled. she stopped me and said, "mom, I danced. i am a dancer."
yes, my dear. dance.

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